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What is SSB ?

SSB stands for SERVICES SELECTION BOARD which conducts INTERVIEWS for selection as Officers in Indian Armed Forces and Coast Guard

What is SSB Training?

It is a specialized training to prepare a candidate for interview at SSB.


Briefing Before the Task

Group Planning Exercise

Progressive Group Tasks

Psychological Test

Command Task

Group Obstacle Race




Psychological Tests

Psychological Tests comprise Word Association Test (WAT), Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self Description (SD).
Group Planning Exercise requires identification of problems and a broad plan to solve the same. It also involves discussion in the group to arrive at a "Group Plan" and a presentation of the same to the Testing officer.

Group Planning Exercise

Group Discussion

Group Discussion takes place twice on two different common but controversial subjects
Progressive Group tasks (PGT) tests practical ability to complete a given task within the laid down parameters

Progressive Group Tasks

Command Task

Command task is to find the candidate's capability to get the given task completed with the assistance of two helpers.
Half Group Task (HGT) is like the PGT with the group halved to find out individual capabilities in more detail.

Half Group Tasks

Practice in Lecturettes

Practice in Lecturettes to overcome stage fear and gain more self confidence


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